When you manage how you feel everything in life is manageable.

My name is Terpsy Christou. I have been blessed with 2 amazing children and 6 adorable grandchildren.

I was extremely busy running my beauty therapy business since 2000 when the doTERRA essential oils came into my life in 2012. I experience a huge difference in my emotional, mental and physical health after using these precious oils. My clients who used them experienced the same results and I realized that we need to work with our inner health much more than our external beauty.

I started a page and a website called Essential Inner Health and been searching ever since to find more ways to support my inner health so I can support those around me even more.

Over time I realized that I wanted to focus more and more on the inner health work and yearly I reduced my beauty working hours to allow more time for more studies.

I have been a holistic health coach since 2016 and I found there was a small piece missing.

Becoming a Certified Essential Emotions Breakthrough Coach helped me to see that the emotional coaching is the piece that was missing from my holistic coaching sessions.

Essential emotions coaching is a simple proven and effective process which supports the passion that I have, helping people with their healing journey.

My intention during our session is to guide you to identify, process and release unwanted emotions so you can access the answers and solutions within you.

When you manage how you feel everything in life is manageable.

I love the powerful healing properties of Certified, Pure, Tested Grate Essential Oils. Combining the power of these precious oils with the emotion’s breakthrough method has been life changing for both myself, my loved ones and the people I work with.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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