Back to nature – what Grandma and mum used to cook. Simple, natural foods that bring you back to your roots. Eating what your ancestors used to eat which works best for your constitution.


I have created these recipes to support my friends, family and clients. 

I always follow my gut feeling and use my knowledge of essential oils, natural remedies and generational wisdom to support not only the physical system but the energetic too! 

I believe in supporting everyone that I come in contact with at the cellular level. 

As a child, I always wanted to find solutions to assist the loved ones in my life! 

From about the age of 10 to age 16, I would combine grappa (an alcohol) and olive oil to massage my mum’s aching back – every night! 

Once I moved out of home and become responsible for my own health – I enjoyed meeting different naturopaths and health professionals to learn the best ways to supplement and complement my diet and nutrition. 

I am so excited to have an outlet to share these heart-crafted recipes – so, please enjoy! 

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